Eye Care EducationWhy We Love Working at the Eye Center

We love working at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado – here’s why.

When you love your job, the people you work with, and the community you help through the work you do, is there really anything better? Here’s what some of our doctors and staff love most about being a part of the Eye Center of Northern Colorado.

Chris Winey
Refractive Department Manager
15 years at the Eye Center

Chris Winey says that one of the most rewarding things about his job is engaging with patients who are engaged with their health care. He appreciates the thoughtful questions and conversations he has with patients who are really interested in eye health. “I love this company,” he says, “the surgeons have the highest integrity” and everyone on staff works to make their patients’ experience personal and comfortable.

Patrick Arnold, MD
Pediatrics/Strabismus/Cataract Surgery
22 years at the Eye Center

Dr. Arnold has been with the Eye Center since 1998, and he’s seen a lot of changes. But he says one thing that’s always remained consistent is the Eye Center’s focus on quality care. Our “number one priority is quality of care and taking care of patients, and that comes with a personal touch,” Dr. Arnold says. He’s also very appreciative of his pediatric team: “The staff I get to work with is outstanding. They’re so good with the kids – they make the experience as positive and smooth as it can be … It’s a good group of people.”

Joanna Johannsen
Clinical Manager
9.5 years at the Eye Center

I love helping people! Getting to know patients and helping people achieve their personal best vision warms my heart. Working with caring doctors and their support staff makes a huge difference in what we are able to do for our patients at the Eye Center.

Arthur Korotkin, MD
Vitreoretinal Specialist
11 years at the Eye Center

I am a retina surgeon and have been at the Eye Center for 11 years. The reason I came and stayed are the outstanding culture of this organization and the excellent people. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to practice the highest quality of medicine possible, to continue learning, doing research, and being a part of a vibrant community. I am proud to be a part of the Eye Center and to continue to grow with everyone here.

Maryn Sturm, OD
Consultative Optometry
3 years at the Eye Center

I love being part of the Eye Center as our optometric/ophthalmic partnership allows us to treat almost any eye condition. While I enjoy all aspects of patient care, I feel personally rewarded to be able to prevent a patient’s vision loss and follow medical conditions.

Patrick Rosen
Marketing Director
11 years at the Eye Center

The most rewarding aspect of my job is bringing specialty eye care into underserved communities. Whether it’s a surgical clinic in a rural area, or vision screenings for the homeless community, our doctors and staff are always willing to jump at an opportunity to help those in need.


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