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Getting glasses can be life-changing. You can go from squinting and having headaches, to being able to clearly see to attend school, drive, work, and take care of your family. The Eye Center of Northern Colorado has three optical centers to see to all your eyeglasses needs.

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Why Choose Us For Optical Eye Exams

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado provides services ranging from annual eye exams to specialist appointments to treat any problem you could have with your eyes. From a child’s first eye check up to seniors working hard to make sure they keep good eyesight for as long as possible- the Eye Center of Northern Colorado offers comprehensive eye care for the whole family.

Meet Our Doctors

Ophthalmologists at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado are fellowship-trained and offer care in many areas of specialty, medical, and surgical care.

Patient Testimonials

If you have a baby with eye problems, this is the place to go and Dr. Patrick Arnold is the man to see. Our nine-month-old son has exotropia and today he had the surgery to help fix it. Everything went as perfectly as any parent sending their baby into surgery could possibly hope for. I’m mostly writing this review as a thank you to the nurses we worked with when we were in there.
Ashlie S.
Pediatrics Eye Care
I do a lot of outdoor activities in Colorado and with the dry air, my contact lenses were almost unbearable at times. That led me to looking in having LASIK surgery. The process was smooth and convenient. Now I can enjoy my activities with clear vision and pain free.
Dr. David Sehr
LASIK Surgery
Dr. Arnold has been our saving grace with our son. We were referred to him by our eye doctor in Cheyenne, WY when we could get to the bottom of why my son’s eye wasn’t healing from what we thought were scratches. He has taken such great care of our son. He is so patient and makes the young patients and their parents feel as ease. So thankful for him.
Jason R.
Pediatrics Eye Care
As a radiologist, my career depends on my vision. I had always wanted to rid myself of my glasses but was hesitant to take the plunge. After several of my partners had the procedure done and reported great results, I had my LASIK done with Dr. Robinson. After wearing glasses for 35 years, it is wonderful to be able to see the world without them.
Bruce Berkowitz, MD
LASIK Surgery
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