Eye Care EducationWhich is Better: Contacts or Glasses?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a visual impairment, you’re probably weighing all your options. Some conditions can be helped by surgery, but most people opt for glasses or contact lenses. Which option is best? Let’s compare.

Vision Quality

Contact lenses offer a number of advantages over glasses in terms of vision. They offer a wider field of vision. They don’t reflect light. They create fewer distractions and distortions. There are contact lenses designed to gradually reshape your cornea in order to correct your vision. One drawback of contacts is that they allow less air to your corneas, and can trap debris. Both of these factors can cause irritation, especially if your day involves a lot of computer time.


Most contact lenses have to be removed every night and either thrown away or placed into a cleaning solution. They are easily lost if dropped. But they have convenience advantages over glasses. They allow a more active lifestyle. Many physical activities are easier when you don’t have to worry about glasses falling off, fogging up, or getting in the way. Glasses get in the way for women when they apply cosmetics, or for anyone who likes spontaneous kisses. Glasses are harder to lose than contacts but they can be pretty easy to break. If you opt for glasses and worry about breaking them, ask your optician about durable materials and designs.

Price Point

Glasses can be pretty expensive to buy, but disposable contact lenses have an ongoing cost that usually outweighs glasses, as they have to be replaced often. The cost depends greatly on what kind of contact lenses you get. Ask your eye doctor about your options.


Comparing contacts to glasses in terms of comfort isn’t cut-and-dry. These are very different kinds of devices. Someone who’s been wearing glasses for years and moves to contacts might find them more comfortable or less comfortable than what he’s used to. Instead of having glass lenses half an inch from your eyes you now have tiny lenses attached to them. This certainly takes some getting used to. That’s also true if someone used to contact is trying out glasses. Now you have a large device attached to your face, but you don’t have to ever touch your corneas. The comfort factor is definitely a personal matter, along with which looks better on you.

Why Choose the Eye Center of Northern Colorado for Pediatric Eye Care?

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado is the leading provider of comprehensive optometric care for pediatric patients, patients with special needs, and adults with binocular vision anomalies. Whether your child has been going to the eye doctor for years or it’s their first appointment, our pediatric team in Northern Colorado is the best choice for your family and your child’s eye care needs. Contact us today if you have any further questions about our pediatric eye care services or want to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!


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