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Now Offering Virtual Visits for Non-urgent Appointments!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services has deemed virtual visits covered services just as if you had come into the office. By using chat technology (similar to Apple FaceTime) on a smartphone or tablet, qualifying patients can schedule a live interactive visit with one of our providers.

Given restrictions in technology, we are unable to schedule virtual visits for annual exams for glasses/contacts at this time, but if you are experiencing eye lid bumps (styes), rashes, red eye, pink eye, itchy eyes, swollen eyelid, dry eyes, changes in vision or other conditions, you can receive triage by an eye doctor.

We recommend you call to schedule an urgent clinic visit if you are experiencing vision loss, eye pain or trauma.

Our scheduling team will work with our patients to confirm if individual patient chat technology is approved and compatible with Eye Center technology.

Your safety is our highest priority, both in terms of health and your online security.  To request a virtual visit, please fill out the web form below:


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