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Eye Center of Northern Colorado is proud to announce the availability of iDose® TR (travoprost intraocular implant) 75 mcg. iDose TR is a new, FDA approved treatment that is designed to provide long duration, continuous drug therapy directly inside the eye, helping patients take better control over the elevated eye pressure associated with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by increased pressure in the eye and it can also cause damage to the optic nerve which carries visual information from the eyes to the brain. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause permanent damage to the eye, which means vision loss cannot be reversed. Prescription eye drops are the most common treatment for glaucoma, but they can be difficult to administer correctly and can cause uncomfortable or irritating side effects for most patients. High rates of non-compliance and non-adherence to prescription medications contribute to disease progression.

The iDose TR size compared to a normal eye drop

“iDose TR is a complete shift in how glaucoma medicine is delivered to the inner eye.  After a quick implantation procedure, sight saving medication is automatically released into the eye for 2-3 years, precisely where it needs to be,” said Kent Bashford, DO.  “To medically treat glaucoma currently, patients must obtain and fill a prescription, administer an eye drop every day, including weekends and vacations, and grapple with the side effects caused by these drops. iDose is a game changer for glaucoma patients. They can spend more time living and enjoying their lives and less time worrying about placing a daily eye drop.”

Kent Bashford md cataracts

Dr. Kent Bashford was the first surgeon in Colorado to perform the iDose TR procedure in 2020 as part of a research study at Eye Center of Northern Colorado. Now, the implant is available commercially for the first time.

“Eye Center of Northern Colorado is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced treatment options available,” said Kent Bashford, DO. “iDose TR represents a significant development in how we can proactively address glaucoma care, and we are proud to be among the first practices to make this therapy available and to aid in trialing the product. Clinical Research at Eye Center of Northern Colorado has helped bring many medications, devices, and implants to approval and use in the United States. Seeing these advances from their infancy to widespread use is one of the most satisfying aspects of practicing medicine.”

Developed by Glaukos, iDose TR reduces high or elevated pressure within the eye by automatically releasing the same type of medication used for decades in the most commonly prescribed eye drops. During a clinical study, 8 out of 10 patients did not need prescription eye drops 12 months after administration of iDose TR. iDose TR may be particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty adhering to a daily medication regimen or whose condition is uncontrolled on topical glaucoma medications.

The most common side effects of iDose TR were mild. The most common side effect of iDose TR was increased eye pressure. Other side effects were inflammation of the iris, dry eye, a loss of part of the usual field of vision, eye pain, eye redness, and reduced clearness of vision.


iDose TR is gently placed directly inside your eye by your eye doctor.

You should not have iDose TR if you have an infection or suspected infection in your eye or the area surrounding your eye, have corneal endothelial cell dystrophy, a condition in which the clear front layer of your eye (cornea) has lost its ability to work normally as this can cause vision problems, have had a corneal transplant or cells transplanted to the inner layer of the cornea (endothelial cell transplant), are allergic to any of its ingredients, and /or have narrow angles (the iris and the cornea are too close together).

The most common side effect of iDose TR was increased eye pressure. Other common side effects were inflammation of the iris, dry eye, a loss of part of the usual field of vision, eye pain, eye redness and reduced clearness of vision.

If you have additional questions, please contact your doctor. For full Prescribing Information visit www.idosetr.com.


iDose TR (travoprost intracameral implant) is a prescription medicine and drug delivery system for the eye approved to lower eye pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or high eye pressure (ocular hypertension).

You are encouraged to report all side effects to the FDA. Visit www.fda.gov/medwatch, or call 1-800-FDA-1088. You may also call Glaukos at 1-888-404-1644.


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