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Eye Center of Northern Colorado’s Dr. Olsen (virtually) sat down with Kevin McGlue, broadcaster and “voice of the Colorado Eagles” hockey team. These two have a long history: Dr. Olsen did Kevin McGlue’s LASIK procedure 11 years ago! In this interview, Dr. Olsen talks about the multiple refractive surgery options at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado – LASIK, PRK and SMILE – he shows us some of the technology used during surgery, walks through what patients can expect during surgery and recovery (did you know there’s a massage chair to help you relax?) and talks about why he loves what he does.

At the end of the video you’ll hear about a social media giveaway hosted by the Colorado Eagles and the Eye Center of Northern Colorado: the opportunity to win free LASIK! This contest runs from the late summer to early fall 2020. Stay tuned for details.

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