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Trust Your Eye Care to the Experts

Just as your body changes as you age, so do your eyes. Even if you’ve had perfect vision your entire life, as you get older, certain conditions can start to affect how you see. Often there is no way to prevent these conditions from occurring, but there are usually ways to treat or manage the situations so your vision can be protected for as long as possible. When a condition or disease is diagnosed, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the very best eye care available. You’ll be seen by a doctor who is a specialist, and offered the flexibility of location to be seen.

Specialist Eye Doctors

  • The best eye care means making sure that your eye care is overseen by an ophthalmologist:  a medical doctor who has specialized in the eye.
  • At the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, our specialists are ophthalmologists who are fellowship-trained in a specific sub-specialty area of ophthalmology.
  • What this means for you is that when you see a specialist for treatment of a diagnosis, you are being seen by a medical doctor who has spent years to hone their expertise in treating your problem.
  • Your treatment will be the best available to restore or maintain your vision.

Flexibility of Location

At the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, we offer a vast array of specialty eye care services at five locations to meet the changing needs of our patients.

  • Most diagnoses can be seen in multiple locations, allowing you to choose.
  • We have offices in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.
  • We also have satellite offices in various locations through Northern Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Our doctors have surgical privileges in hospitals around the area.


We can diagnose and treat:

We have general ophthalmologists and fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in the fields of:

If you are experiencing any vision changes, contact us today to schedule an eye exam.

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Our Locations

Fort Collins at Prospect

1725 E. Prospect Rd.
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Fort Collins at Precision Center

3151 Precision Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Loveland at Skyline

2555 E. 13th St. Suite 225
Loveland, CO 80537

Loveland at Centerra

6125 Sky Pond Dr.
Loveland, CO 80538

Greeley at Fox Run

1701 61st Ave
Greeley, CO 80634

2121 E Harmony Rd. #190
Fort Collins, CO 80528

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