Scheduling regular eye exams at The Eye Center of Northern Colorado can not only detect vision problems before you are even aware that anything is wrong, they can also identify underlying health issues. We perform comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages.

Eye exams are usually performed in several stages.

  • First, you will undergo initial testing by a skilled technician.
  • Then, your optometrist or ophthalmologist will examine you and determine if further testing is needed.
  • After your examination, your eye doctor will discuss any findings and recommendations for visual correction, medical or surgical treatment, and further testing if necessary.

A routine eye exam can catch other problems early on so they can be treated.

  • In children, poor vision, amblyopia, strabismus, or congenital cataracts can be detected.
  • Corneal problems such as keratoconus can be spotted so a specialist can be consulted.
  • Dry Eye can be treated after a complete eye exam with your eye doctor to rule out medical causes.
  • Diabetes and glaucoma can be identified in a routine eye exam and enable you and your doctor to take timely action.
  • In adults, cataracts and macular degeneration can be diagnosed so your vision can be restored or safeguarded.

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Our Optical Department Has What You Need

Most people think of glasses when they think of a general eye exam and for good reason. When people need just an eyeglasses prescription for optimum vision and the Eye Center of Northern Colorado can help you and your family with eyeglasses as well. We have three optical centers staffed by highly trained professionals who can make sure your glasses are exactly what you need.

  • We offer a full range of designer eyeglass frames to fit your style and your lifestyle.
  • We have frames for children, men, and women.
  • We offer sports frames to make sure glasses don’t slow your or your child down.
  • We offer prescription ski goggles.
  • Our contact lens department offers specialty lenses to meet any need you could have.

Make eye exams a priority in your life and your family‚Äôs life and safeguard their vision.

Contact The Eye Center of Northern Colorado today to schedule your next exam.
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