The LASIK Procedure

What Happens at my Procedure?


Step One; Customized Measurements

LASIK addresses the uniqueness of your eyes: individual curvature of your cornea and microscopic nuances of your anatomy. Wavescan 3D mapping creates a blueprint of your eye and Iris Registration™ reads the exact characteristics of your iris to accurately align the Wavefront treatment.

Step Two; Laser-Created Flap

The Wavelight FS200 Femtosecond Laser is a computer-guided, ultra-fast laser that is used to create the thin, technologically advanced corneal flap. This allows for an optimal surface below the flap, facilitating the best possible visual outcome. In clinical studies, more people achieved 20/20 or better vision using this technology compared to earlier forms of the procedure.

Step Three; CustomVue

The advanced customized bladeless LASIK technology provides the most precise, accurate form of laser vision correction available today – 3D eye tracking ensures that even if your eye moves during the procedure, your treatment remains exact and specific to your customized LASIK procedure.

The safety and effectiveness of LASIK have been validated by our nation’s most scrutinizing physicians and scientists. Mission critical personnel whose vision is essential to their jobs have finally been given the green light for LASIK! NASA approved the LASIK procedure for its astronauts following reviews of a decade of extensive military clinical data, showing that the combined use of the Intralase™ and customized blade-less LASIK lasers provide superior safety.

Additionally, all branches of the U.S. military have approved LASIK for their servicemen and women, including naval aviators and Air Force pilots.

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The Eye Laser Center of Northern Colorado is featured in Style Magazine’s article: Perfect Vision with iLASIK

LASIK Procedure at Eye center of Northern Colorado.

The Lasik Procedure at Eye Center of Northern Colorado