Alternative to Reading Glasses: KAMRA® Inlay

If you are over age 40, you may be experiencing the effects of presbyopia — the need for reading glasses. This is caused by the eye’s natural lens losing flexibility so that nearby objects appear blurry.

The frustrations of needing glasses to read your smartphone, restaurant menus, your wristwatch and more can be eliminated for some patients with the KAMRA Inlay.

Fox News Talks with Dr. Foster About KAMRA

How the KAMRA Inlay Works

The inlay works to restore close-up vision. Your doctor inserts the inlay into your cornea. Thinner and smaller than a contact lens, it is designed as a ring with a pinhole in the center to focus light that enters your eye for clear near vision, while maintaining clear distance vision.

Before and After KAMRA Inlay beach reading with family Eye center of Northern Colorado

The Eye Center of Northern Colorado is now offering this procedure.

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