Contacts after LASIK

LASIK and other laser eye procedures have great records for successfully improving vision.  However, it doesn’t always improve vision to the point where prescription corrective lenses are no longer needed. Wearing contacts after LASIK is sometimes necessary.  While a follow-up procedure or enhancement may be able to solve…

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LASIK versus Contacts: Which is Better for You?

Some contact lens wearers eagerly wait for the day when they can afford or qualify for LASIK surgery.  But is LASIK right for every contact lens wearer? Not every contact lens patient is suitable for LASIK surgery.  Some of the reasons that you may not qualify (or want) LASIK include…

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Dry Eye and LASIK Questions Answered

Prior to LASIK surgery, your doctor will check your medical history and look for a variety of conditions, including dry eyes. It is important to let your doctor know if you suffer from dry eye prior to surgery, as your surgeon may want to treat it before surgery.

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Questions About LASIK Healing

One of the most popular questions we are asked is: How long does it take to heal after LASIK surgery? Our answer is:  In most cases, the healing process is remarkably quick.  In fact, often by the next day, patients report an improvement in vision although there may…

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LASIK Financing for Patients

If you are considering LASIK surgery, you may be wondering what financing options are available to you. Since LASIK costs several thousand dollars per eye, it can be a major financial decision.  Here are some tips on LASIK financing: Commercial credit companies. These include Care Credit, AccessOne and…

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How Long Does LASIK Last?

Here at Eye Center of Northern Colorado in Ft. Collins, we are frequently asked this question.  LASIK in Ft. Collins represents an important investment in your eyes and you want to be sure that it is a worthwhile expense. LASIK is meant to last for the rest of your life. …

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LASIK after 40

LASIK has changed the vision for the better for millions over the past decades.  For those 40 and over, LASIK may be a great option to improve or even correct vision. As the eyes age, it becomes more likely a person will need reading glasses, especially after the age…

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How Does LASIK Work?

Most people are familiar with the LASIK procedure but don’t always know how LASIK actually works.  LASIK starts and ends with manipulation of your cornea. A LASIK surgeon uses an excimer laser to adjust and reshape your cornea (actually the stroma layer on your cornea).  The laser removes…

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Custom LASIK vs. Traditional LASIK

Traditional LASIK has been around since the 1990s and has been performed on thousands of people around the world.  It has produced excellent results for the majority of people who have utilized this life changing procedure. Custom LASIK is a great improvement over traditional LASIK.  Custom LASIK uses a mapping…

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LASIK for Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, you may be wondering if LASIK will work for you. The answer to that is, it depends. In people with astigmatism, the corneal or lens shape is distorted which causes multiple images on the retina. This can make images at any distance appear blurry. LASIK can…

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