Designer Sunglasses

Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Lulu, Kate Spade…these are just a few of the designer sunglasses brands we carry. Whether you need prescription or regular lenses, we’ve got the perfect shades for you.

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If you have been told you are not a good candidate for LASIK because your corneas are too thin, you may not have to abandon your dream of 20/20 vision. PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a type of laser surgery in Fort Collins that can produce similar vision results to…

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Designer Frames

Peruse our huge selection of designer frames to find the perfect look to reflect your unique style, facial structure, fashion sense, activity level or lifestyle.

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Eye Makeup Safety

trfAre you putting bacteria on your eyes? Studies have shown that in as little as 3-months, bacteria can grow in mascara, eye shadow, eyeliners and more, leading to eye infections such as pink eye, dry eye, loss of eyelashes and more. If just the thought of bacteria on your…

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Keep Your Eyes Safe in the Kitchen

At Eye Center of Northern Colorado , we have helped thousands of people achieve lens-free vision through laser vision correction. And while our LASIK in Fort Collins and Loveland allows most of our patients to toss out their glasses, we encourage those patients to protect their new-found…

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Halloween without Glasses

Unless you want to dress up as Clark Kent, Austin Powers, Harry Potter or a hippie chick, there aren’t too many Halloween costumes that feature glasses. But if you… Are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism… Can’t wear contact lenses… And actually want to see your friends at a Halloween…

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2014 World Sight Day

World Sight Day is October 9, 2014.  The call-to-action for this year’s observation is “No More Avoidable Blindness” and is part of an overall plan to reduce avoidable blindness by 25% by the year 2019. Created by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention…

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LASIK & Dry Eye

Dry eye can be a fairly common side effect of LASIK vision correction due to the potential for reduced sensitivity of the corneal nerves, leading to a reduction in tear production. Tears are necessary to lubricate and protect the eyes and if there is not adequate tear production, the…

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Does Your Computer Need Glasses?

If you are over age 40, you may be experiencing the effects of presbyopia on your eyesight. Presbyopia is the gradual stiffening of the eye lens that makes it more difficult for the eyes to focus on near objects. This condition happens to almost everyone as they age (even…

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Serious Eye Conditions Growing in Young People

According to Medical News Today, a recent survey of optometrists has shown that the number of young people being diagnosed with serious eye conditions such as dry eye and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) is growing. Many of these doctors were also concerned that certain sight-stealing vision conditions may be…

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