• Dr. Arnold has been our saving grace with our son. We were referred to him by our eye doctor in Cheyenne, WY when we could get to the bottom of why my son’s eye wasn’t healing from what we thought were scratches. He has taken such great care of our son. He is so patient and makes the young patients and their parents feel as ease. So thankful for him.

    - Adena L.

  • As a radiologist, my career depends on my vision. I had always wanted to rid myself of my glasses but was hesitant to take the plunge. After several of my partners had the procedure done and reported great results, I had my LASIK done with Dr. Robinson. After wearing glasses for 35 years, it is wonderful to be able to see the world without them.

    - Bruce Berkowitz, MD

  • Where do I begin to tell how wonderful Doctor Kent Crews is? He restored my eyesight when there was none because of another “doctor’s” incompetence. There was a slight chance of black and white shadows “success” after another surgery. With Doctor Crews’ amazing talent, patience, caring, and resolve, I can see with COLOR!!!! This man is the most capable, kind, generous, compassionate, determined and knowledgeable Ophthalmologist in the whole world!!! Eye Center of Northern Colorado is most fortunate to have Doctor Crews practicing with them and SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could give more than five stars to this astounding Physician!! Any patient lucky enough to be treated by Doctor Kent Crews will be in the best care!!! THANK YOU DOCTOR CREWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole staff at Eye Center of Northern Colorado is geared toward the patient’s comfort and care. What a wonderful place to be cared for in any eye related concern.

    - Connie P.

  • If you have a baby with eye problems, this is the place to go and Dr. Patrick Arnold is the man to see. Our nine-month-old son has exotropia and today he had the surgery to help fix it. Everything went as perfectly as any parent sending their baby into surgery could possibly hope for. I’m mostly writing this review as a thank you to the nurses we worked with when we were in there. Not only did they name our baby the cutest of the day (makes perfect sense to me as he is ridiculously cute), but they tickled his toes and gave him a little soccer ball to play with since we left everything in the waiting room. His joyous interactions with you made us all smile while we waited to send our baby to the operating room. I especially want to thank Linda. When the OR nurse carried my baby away, and I watched him go through those doors without me, she was walking us back to the waiting room. She turned and asked me if I was okay, and at that moment I wasn’t. I had started to cry. She gave me the tightest hug and told me he was going to be okay. I can’t properly express how reassuring and comforting that was to me. Thank you, Linda, for that little bit of love. Truly. Thanks to all the sweet nurses there! Your kindness made this experience a million times easier.

    - Ashlie S.

  • I do alot of outdoor activities in Colorado and with the dry air, my contact lenses were almost unbearable at times. That led me to looking in having Lasik surgery. The process was smooth and convenient. Now I can enjoy my activities with clear vision and pain free.

    - Dr. David Sehr

  • As an Emergency Medicine physician, excellent vision is critical to my work. However my decision to have LASIK was really driven by sports and the inconvenience of having to wear glasses. The combination of the iLASIK technology and confidence in (my brother) Dr. Karl Olsen’s abilities, as well as some peer pressure from some of my partners in the Emergency Physicians of the Rockies who were already enjoying their LASIK vision from the Eye Center.

    It was a fast, pain-free procedure and a quick recovery before I was enjoying my new (glasses-free) vision virtually the next day!

    - Eric Olsen, MD Emergency Medicine, Medical Center of the Rockies

  • I had PRK done by Dr. Olsen and his staff at the Centerra office. I felt that he and his staff were extremely professional. They went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met and that I was comfortable with everything. They explained every step of the procedure to me and my wife and made sure we understood everything. If we had any questions they did not hesitate to answer them. They made sure both my wife and I were comfortable with our hotel, getting my prescriptions and the directions as to what eye drops I needed and how many I needed every day. They were extremely polite and very comfortable to talk with. Each and every single individual staff member there go above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience. I would highly recommend going to the LASIK and Cosmetic Center of Northern Colorado for any procedure.

    My surgery date was Dec. 3rd 2015. I am very pleased with the end results. I had no pain throughout this whole journey and would most definitely do it again.

    - George R.

  • Dr. Robinson and staff are so caring and so efficient! I am thrilled with my cataract surgery. Having worn Coke-bottle glasses since 2nd grade and then contacts, I now see more clearly than I did with either, despite my glaucoma! I went from about 20/600 to 20/15, almost overnight. Thank you with all my heart for this miracle of true vision!

    - Janet Laub

  • In law enforcement, losing a contact or breaking your glasses at the wrong time can have serious repercussions. After the Lasik surgery, I no longer have to worry about losing my vision at a crucial time. My vision is great and that lets me concentrate on doing my job. Surgery at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado was an outstanding experience. Dr. Foster and his team were friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. When friends ask about my experience, I recommend the Eye Center with no hesitation.

    - Jeff Schulz, Cheyenne, WY

  • I have been seeing Dr. Korotkin and he is the friendliest, most patient, and reassuring doctor I have had. He makes me feel calm, heard, and important. He is reassuring during difficult procedures and when I talk I know he is listening to me. Thank you for your kind chair side manner – it is much appreciated! All of your staff, Fort Collins and Loveland are amazing and friendly. Thank you Dr. K and staff!

    - Jennifer M

  • I decided to get lasik surgery so I could avoid the need for glasses while participating in outdoor activities. I had my procedure done shortly before a trip to the alps. The procedure was brief and painless, and the recovery time quick. It was wonderful being able to admire the mountain views without the inconvenience of traveling and camping with glasses. I’m looking forward to a good ski season this winter. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’d recommend a lasik consultation with the Eye Center of Northern Colorado to anyone with vision problems.

    - Jill Vesty

  • It’s so amazing not be dependant on my glasses for everything, from the simple things like reading my bedside alarm clock in the morning, to reading street signs in the distance while driving and playing sports without the hassle of readjusting my glasses all the time, or constantly cleaning them when my lenses get foggy.

    If you are considering LASIK, you really have to go to Dr. Gary Foster at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado. He will provide you with all the facts about the procedure so that you are fully informed. He will then perfect your vision within minutes in a way that you never thought possible. Thank you so much Dr. Foster. You did an awesome job for me.

    - Judy Fox, M.D., Family Medicine


    “Absolutely Amazing” are words I use when describing my LASIK eye surgery experience at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado.

    - Marian Schulz

  • “Absolutely Amazing” are words I use when describing my Lasik eye surgery experience at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado. The procedure was quick, painless, with immediate results. Dr. Foster and his staff were professional and thorough in their explanation of the procedure – both before and during the surgery. As someone who was nearly blind without corrective lenses, the freedom of not having to worry about carrying extra contacts in my purse or reaching for my glasses first thing in the morning is a great feeling. I highly recommend Lasik surgery and would look no place further than the Eye Center of Northern Colorado.

    - Marian Schulz, Cheyenne, WY

  • No one handles pediatric patients like Dr. Arnold. We have been seeing him for over 12 years. We changed insurance one time and had to see some other pediatric ophthalmologists and they hardly have 2-3 minutes to each child. The treatment at Eye Center of Northern Colorado was awesome — did a wonderful and thorough job. Our appreciation for Dr. Arnold grew a hundred fold after such horrible “normal” treatment. We paid out of pocket before going back to the other facility. Good eye care when there is a serious concern is priceless — and our family has stayed very faithfully with Eye Center. Yes, there is waiting sometimes, but it has been no different than any other ophthalmologists’ office!! Would not trust the eyes of our family to any other office.

    - Melanee M.

  • My decision to have lasik surgery was motivated by a desire to be free of glasses while participating in outdoor activities. I delayed making the decision to have lasik surgery for years as I did not want to risk compromising my vision at work. I wish I would have had lasik years ago. My vision is now 20/20. I am amazed at how much more I see while out on a trail run. I can’t wait to go scuba diving with my son this summer! Dr. Robinson and his team (Karen, Roisin, Krista, Linda, and Troy) provided excellent and personalized care from start to finish. the procedure was quick and pain free, and I was back to work the next day. I enthusiastically recommend the Eye Center for anyone considering lasik surgery.

    - Rick Felton, DDS oral and maxillofacial surgeon Fort Collins

  • The doctors and staff at the Eye Center provide the same quality you would expect from Poudre Valley Health System. I’m proud to say that my daughter Laura chose the Eye Center for her recent Custom Vue, iLASIK procedure. Going into the procedure, we were totally confident. The result .. 20/20 vision! Laura says iLASIK has changed her life.

    Thanks to the Eye Center for providing quality care that a dad can trust.

    - Rulon Stacy President and CEO, Poudre Valley Health System

  • I have been a satisfied patient of the Eye Center’s for many years. In addition to annual optometry checkups, I recently decided to have LASIK. The LASIK team was thorough and very customer service oriented – it is clear that they pride themselves on this. They have the latest technology and a very experienced group of physicians and staff. I am 12 days out from my LASIK procedure and have 20/15 vision and zero discomfort. I should have done this years ago. I highly recommend the Eye Center!

    - Ryan S.

  • Whatever questions I had about cataract surgery were carefully answered in my initial visit to the Eye Center, and any hesitations I had about pain, pressure or nerves in the surgery were handled very honestly in the Pre-Op appointment.  But what I had could hardly believe was how smooth, easy, and quick the actual cataract surgery went on the day of my operation. From the time we talked to the receptionist, to the two aides who guided us to the pre-op room, to the quality of care for preparing for the surgery, I was amazed. My wife was with me and we kept looking at each other at how smooth and effortless the entire process. Dr. Smith and the anesthesiologist answered my final questions, and then 10-minutes of magic!  When I awoke the cataract was gone, and there was absolutely no pain!  By the next day I was seeing clearly and thrilled with the results.  I go in for my second eye in 3 days, and I am now fearless and eager for the surgery to improve my sight.  This was the finest medical procedure I have ever experienced and would recommend it to anyone I know.  Dr. Steve


    Steve Hoke, CRM-ChurchNEXT

    Director of Team Development

    Sr. Birkman Consultant

    IPSAT Certified Coach

    - Steve Hoke, CRM-ChurchNEXT

  • If I could, I would give many more stars than 5. Doctor Foster made me feel like one of his family. He took my case and gave it as much thought as he would one of his own. Not only did I have the confidence that I was in the best medical care, he was very personable and caring. I have thought of doing lasik surgery for many years. How fortunate I am that I found Doctor Foster and the Eye Center of Northern Colorado. During the whole surgery there was not a single time I felt nervous. His whole team, JoAnn, Chris and the whole office staff were so comforting and supportive. Thank you all for my amazing eye sight!!!!!!

    - Victoria J.